Bucks Party Activities

We believe in a bucks party activity beforehand before the Bucks Night is the cornerstone to a successful event. It’s a way to bring groups together and bond over sports before getting stuck into the booze and titties.

Quite often a Bucks Party Group Comprises of a mix of friends. Old school Friends, Work mates, people we haven’t caught up with for a while, family friends and of course the inner sanctum. So it’s important to bring all these people together and make them feel comfortable and part of the gang.

Bucks Party Activities at the start of the day is a perfect way to make it happen.

Kick on pre and/or post Bucks Party Activities – the Big Boys Club can organize…

Our Pre Burgers n Babes Bucks Party activities such as relaxed activities like bowling and Lawn Bowls or action packed activities like Go Karting and Paintball with transport included. (see above)

Our Post Burgers n Babes Bucks Party activities such as entry to (and private rooms at) top CBD strip clubs.

 We can’t wait to blow your hair back at the Burgers n Babes..  look forward to seeing you there!