Big Boys Club proudly presents Burgers n Babes.

In the footsteps of Schnitzel n Tits and Big Boys Club comes dinner a show and so much more..




We road tested several before we settled on these finger lickin’ favourites..

  • The Big Beef Bad Boy has Wagyu Beef with sliced tomato, lettuce, American cheese and crispy bacon topped with pickle
  • Big Boys Best Breast has a marinated chicken breast, lettuce sliced tomato and bacon
  • The Vegie Burger is a vegetable pattie with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato and American cheese

Burgers n Babes…

Wild Waitresses in skimpy diner style gear which comes off as the night progresses. Spunky showgirls performing an elaborate Burlesque feature acts; on stage and amongst the crowd…

Burgers n Babes n Booze…

Generously sized drinks with monthly selections of premium beer, cider and spirits on special.