Bucks Party Packages and Activities

Check out this range of Bucks Party Activities and Packages…

Our Bucks Party Package are basically Combo Deals – Joining an Activity to your night out at Burgers n Babes!

Burgers n Babes has a whole range of on offer. Click on one of these bucks party activities and packages below to find out more information about the package, activity and rough pricing and how to make an enquiry.

Bucks Party Activities and Packages

Our bucks party activities and packages have been put together with a chain of events that can really mate the bucks party special. They are organized with ease and responsibility in mind. We want to make your job as the organizer as easy as possible.
The Lawn Bowls Bucks Party Package comes with a bus to get you around safely and some topless waitresses to help you source beers.
The 10 pin Bowling Activity, like the Lawn Bowls Package also has a bus and topless waitresses at your disposal
The paintball Bucks Party includes a bus to get you around safely and includes an option to drop you off somewhere to freshen up if necessary?
The Go Karting Package has the same door to do bus service.
The Golf Bucks Party Activities includes the bus and also some topless waitresses to look after your beers in your golf cart.
And the Clay pigeon shooting Package has a bus with a bus drive that would be happy to get you some beers to drink on your way back to the city.

One of our most popular bucks party packages is the lawn bowls package. Its a great summer activity – who doesn’t like drinking beers in the sun. These topless waitresses will bring you beers while you play lawn bowls. Note: Topless waitresses will not be topless while at the lawn bowls centre.

Kick on pre and/or post party packages – the Big Boys Club can organize…

Pre Burgers n Babes activities such as relaxed activities like lawn bowls or action packed activities like Go Karting and Paintball with transport included. (see below)
Post Burgers n Babes activities such as entry to (and private rooms at) top CBD strip clubs.

Drink or play sport? Why not do both? Now you can with the revolutionary! you can with the new Social beer sports party! 10 pin bowling or lawn bowls & big night out. with hot girls included.

Action packed Boys party package

Kills thrills and spills

Want an Action packed Boys party? Compete against your mates Go karting or shooting with an opportunity to gloat over a beer later at Burgers n Babes.

We can’t wait to blow your hair back at Burgers n Babes.. look forward to seeing you there!.