Paintball Bucks Party

Enjoy a paintball bucks day with the boys, then jump on our bus and come to Burgers n Babes. We have babes, beers, burgers and cheeky shows that'll give the buck a paintball bucks day to remember!

Whats included in a Paintball Bucks Party?

  • A bus to take you door to door
  • 500 paintball pellets each.
  • Dinner and Show at Burgers n Babes.
  • VIP entry to a strip club later.

or call: 1800 997 533

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An affordable way to squeeze more into your day...

  • For 15 - 19 Guests will be $220 per person
  • For 20 - 24 Guests it will be $210 per person
  • For 25 - 29 Guests it will be $200 per person
  • and with 30+ guests it will be $190 per person

If your bucks party plans are missing adventure, adrenaline, burgers and babes, then we have the solution - Burgers N Babes' highly popular Paintball Bucks Party.

Not convinced that paintball is the ultimate bucks party adventure? Think it's just shooting little balls of multicoloured goo at your mates? Think again! It's tactical, physical, fun and competitive - and you top off those 500 fabulous paintball pellets with a bus to Burgers N Babes for delicious beers and a sexy show - and VIP entry to a strip club as the cherry on top!

Does it sound like the ultimate bucks night in Melbourne? You'd be right. Just imagine adrenaline-filled warfare, beer-fuelled partying and Melbourne's best showgirls in the skimpiest outfits ... and you're halfway to understanding what Burgers N Babes' awesome Paintball Bucks Party is all about.

Topless Waitresses..

Starting off in a skimpy diner outfit, our waitresses through games and interactions with your bucks and the crowd will soon reveal to become topless. They're fun, they're flirty and they'll make sure your buck has a night to remember.

Melbourne's best showgirls…

Along with our topless waitresses, we've got Melbourne's best showgirls performing elaborate feature acts; on stage and in amongst the crowd. You'll be in stitches at their performance as they'll single out your buck and give them extra "special" attention throughout the night.

paintball bucks day topless waitress melbourne ideas lingerie waitresses

paintball bucks day melbourne strippers showgirl

Burgers n Babes n Booze n Battles…

During the night we'll run stage games pitting off the bucks against each other and the girls in tests of skill, stamina and shamelessness! Win, free drinks, bodyshots from the topless waitresses, lap dances and other great prizes on the night..

And of course our Burgers! Three Burgers to Choose from…

A Big Beef Bad Boy has Wagyu Beef with sliced tomato, lettuce, American cheese and crispy bacon topped with pickle, A Big Boys Best Breast has a marinated chicken breast, lettuce sliced tomato and bacon and The Vegie Burger is a vegetable pattie with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato and American cheese.

See what our Customers are saying...

paintball bucks day topless waitress restaurant venue
Great time. Surprisingly the food was awesome. One of the best Angus Burgers I have had in ages. The entertainment was worth more then you paid for. The MC the night kept the night going and the games with the girls were funny to watch but great to participate in. The girls were on point. Flirty, fun and very ..... eye pleasing.If you want a night out with the boys check this place out. You will not be disappointed!!!
Link Knight
Link Knight
04:19 27 Aug 17
Hey guys, I had the booking for my bucks on Saturday night....I just wanted to say after getting home at 8.30am the next day, I had one of the best nights out I’ve ever had!!!Staff were amazing!!! Girls were stunning and not in ya face unless asked, very respectable bunch!!!Chloe you run the place like clockwork!!!Mc was a pisser!!!Dj was brilliant!!!!Thanks again!!!We’ll be back!!!!
Willsy 4x4 Fun
Willsy 4x4 Fun
04:13 12 Dec 17
This place is fantastic for a boys night out. They looked after us and provided excellent service. The ladies are all professional, fun and go out of there way to give everyone a good time. A great place to go to before starting a big night out for dinner, two shows and some drinks. Special thanks to Alana for organizing everyone and catering to everyone's needs.
Vincent Appassamy
Vincent Appassamy
04:46 14 Aug 17
We treated our team to a night our at Burgers N Babes are we all loved it! Didn't quite know what we were in for but it was just so much fun and the burgers were fantastic! One of the guys had such a good time he is planning to start his Bucks off at Burgers n Babes so couldn't recommend it more highly!
Company123 Support
Company123 Support
06:00 24 Aug 17
paintball bucks day burgers n babes

How to Book a Paintball Bucks Day with us...

  • Fill out form below with Date and Bucks Name.
  • Receive an email or Phone call from us with more details.
  • Confirm with your mates
  • Pay a Deposit to Lock in your Paintball Bucks Party!

or call: 1800 997 533

All you have to do is fill out this form below and one of our team will email you back everything you need to put together a Fantastic Paintball Bucks Day Party...

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Are you interested in a Private Paintball Bucks Party?

Shoot the Buck - Bucks Paintball Melbourne with the Big Boys Club

This Bucks Paintball package includes the opportunity to battle it out with your mates, eat your weight in Man Sized finger food and get drunk – all while checking out some fine ass! Click below for more details…