Prank Your Mate

Most Bucks Party ideas start with a bucks party prank!

Include a topless waitress in your bucks party ideas and bucks party pranks. 😉

What’s a bucks party idea without a red faced buck?

Burgers n Babes loves having a laugh and taking the piss out of soon to be married mates is a time-honoured Aussie tradition. Our rowdy light-hearted events lend themselves to making the Buck embarrassed. With a little background intel from you and a little help with your bucks party idea of pranking the buck from our experienced topless waitresses and hosts no buck is safe!

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5 bucks party ideas and bucks party pranks gone horribly wrong

Taking the piss is all good and well, but all too often a Buck’s best mates will take the idea of bucks party pranks just a little too far…

Here are 5 bucks party ideas and bucks party pranks that we DON’T fully endorse here at Burgers N Babes (but they’re bloody hilarious anyway!):

1. 20 idiots without wings

A group of 20 revellers travelling from the UK to mainland Europe were so disruptive, loud and annoying on the plane that the pilot cancelled the taxiing process and escorted them and their luggage off.

Their hilarity was then brought to a complete standstill when their plane tickets, accommodation, and entire trip was lost, and they were fined and waltzed into the arms of the police.

2. Very tired legs

One year, a man turned up to the consulate in Barcelona looking dishevelled and exhausted. He told officials he had been walking for 20 hours (you read that right) after being dumped in the wrong place by his taxi driver.

It turns out he got into a taxi in such a state that he told the driver the name of a hotel that was dozens upon dozens of kilometres from his actual accommodation. Out of money, he reverted to his trusty legs for a TWENTY HOUR (you read it right again) stroll.

3. Tour de Borat

A group of evil mates drove their Buck a long, long, LONG way into the middle of nowhere with nothing (and we mean NOTHING) but a Borat ‘mankini’ and a bicycle.

Ready to stop laughing? The poor dude caught the shingles and nearly missed his actual wedding due to illness and stress.

(Yep, we’re still laughing too!)

4. Locked up Buck

Chilling out in a cool Los Angeles hotel over his bucks party weekend, one groom to be was horrified when he was arrested by police, hurled to the station, locked up in a cell and interrogated for hours.

He had NO idea what he was being held for and was scared out of his wits, but it turns out he was merely the subject of perhaps the cruellest bucks party pranks of all time. His mates were well connected and their scheme well planned, but the mastermind was (unsurprisingly) disinvited from the wedding.

5. Tasered penises

Dressing up as a giant penis as a bucks party idea… sounds funny, right? The laughs all tend to stop when the cops turn up with Tasers.

The TWO mates dressed up as willies had approached the police when a cab driver refused to welcome them into the taxi. But that little brush with the law went horribly wrong too and they eventually found themselves writhing around on the ground with taser prongs stuck deep into their skin.

The moral of all these stories? If your bucks party pranks are brilliant but they DON’T go wrong, count yourself lucky! Or maybe you just turned to Burgers N Babes, the absolute experts at finding that hilarious line between red-faced embarrassment and actual human mortification.