Big Boys Club proudly presents Burgers n Babes.

In the footsteps of Schnitzel n Tits and Big Boys Club comes dinner a show and so much more..



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My mates and I had an awesome time 🙂 The girls were not only beautiful, but friendly and gracious 🙂 Thanks for a great night Burgers n Babes 🙂
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller
Show: 10/10! Entertaining, playful and even a little surprising. Food: 9/10. I'm being a little picky, the food was pretty great. Girls: 11/10!!! I don't even have words. The girls make the night. They're fun, friendly, gorgeous and cheeky. Body Shots: 11/10!!! Get these! Get them for yourself, get them for your mates, get them often. They get better and better as the night wears on. Overall: 10/10. They've put together a really fun night. There are games, jokes, drinks, burgers, mates and hot girls. You don't even need to get up for a drink, the babes do the legwork for you. I will definitely be back, probably many times. TL;DR You'll love it.read more
Jayden Lofaro
Jayden Lofaro
If you're looking for a good start to a Saturday night or a place to have a fun birthday this is it. From the hot acts to the beautiful staff it doesn't get any better.read more
Callum Timmerman
Callum Timmerman
Great night out full of laughs thanks for having us will definitely be back for another round
AdrianKristy Dosser
AdrianKristy Dosser
It's Hamburgers and Boobs. How can it not be amazing?? oh wait, there's beer!
Kevin Karlberg
Kevin Karlberg


We road tested several before we settled on these finger lickin’ favourites..

  • The Big Beef Bad Boy has Wagyu Beef with sliced tomato, lettuce, American cheese and crispy bacon topped with pickle
  • Big Boys Best Breast has a marinated chicken breast, lettuce sliced tomato and bacon
  • The Vegie Burger is a vegetable pattie with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato and American cheese

Burgers n Babes…

Wild Waitresses in skimpy diner style gear which comes off as the night progresses. Spunky showgirls performing an elaborate Burlesque feature acts; on stage and amongst the crowd…

Burgers n Babes n Booze…

Generously sized drinks with monthly selections of premium beer, cider and spirits on special.

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