The Barmaids of Burgers n Babes

The Barmaids of Burgers n Babes is one of the main reasons our customers attend and keep coming back!

Barmaids are the cornerstone of what makes everything right about attending Burgers n Babes. The idea was solid with our original theatre restaurant Schnitzel n Tits and managed by the bucks party specialists Big Boys Club with pride. Meet them before they get topless.

The Barmaids are what really make this night everything it is. The name of the night is pretty straight forward, its Burger n Babes you can’t have one without the other. The Babes is what really makes it, our girls are not only beautiful and cute they are very friendly and want to hang around with you all night.

These beautiful Babes play games and activities on stage with the Bucks and other VIPs to reveal to become topless. The Bucks Parties cheer on their buck as he competes in silly games such as modified sports activities or drinking games. Most of these games finish with taking clothes off the barmaids. First round maybe to remove her dress the second round maybe to remove the barmaids bra so she will then be topless.  

Here is a look at some of the beautiful ladies that are ready to take your drinks order…

These lovely ladies are here to take your order whether its a few Jugs of beer for the group or just a scotch for yourself, you could order some body shots or how about a tequila slammer?

Everyone is eagerly awaiting these babes getting topless!

So here you have it, a little taste of our girls being topless.

If you want to see more you will have to attend one saturday night in the future.

Bucks parties come from all around Victoria and Australia to come and meet the babes of Burgers n Babes.

If you like Topless Waitresses and Bucks Night events you may want to check out our parent company – the Big Boys Club.

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