Melbournes Best Topless Waitresses

The highlight of Burgers n Babes on Saturday Nights is Melbournes Best Topless Waitresses.

Melbournes Best Topless Waitresses start the night in a cute little american diner server outfit through the evenings games and activities they reveal to become topless. These ladies are this popular because not only are they super beautiful and cute they have great personality and good chat. Like Melbourne’s Best theatre Restaurant Schnitzel n Tits we know that Topless Waitresses are key to an amazing bucks night package.

These cute little outfit really show off the girls best assets, closely fitted to show their curvy figures, short skirts to accentuate lovely long legs and a zipper down the front to offer a peak of what’s to come later when boobs come out.

Burgers n Babes are Melbourne’s Best Topless Waitresses because they are fun loving, flirty and always ready to party with you and your group. No matter if its a birthday party, a footy group or a bucks party these ladies know how to lift the vibe of the night.

Our Beautiful Waitresses not only serve you drinks all night long they get up on stage. Up on stage you get to meet these wonderful personalities and see what they have to offer.

Head to toe and Front to back. 😉

Also when Melbournes Best Topless Waitresses are on stage they play games with the VIPs, usually the Man getting married at the Bucks Parties or possibly a birthday boy. It could also be the captain or the best and fairest of the cricket team that gets up on stage to compete with the girls.

Of course these games are what gets our girls to become topless!

We hope you come along to enjoy a night out with us and decide if we have Melbournes Best Topless Waitresses

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