Bucks Day Activities

Burgers n Babes has the best range available for bucks day activities.

The thing about bucks day activities – When you are organizing a bucks party there is alot to keep in mind. Of course you need to choose a great place to drink and include some beautiful topless barmaids, you also need to think about accommodation options in a town like Melbourne but in many ways some people think you bucks party activities are most important.

Above is an image of our version of bubble soccer but we can talk more about that later. 😉

Due to the fact your bucks group is made up of different friends coming from different backgrounds you need an activity to unite and bring them all together to bond over. It also helps keep the vibe going when you can talk about your successes and failures over a beer later while looking at boobs.

Here are some of our favorites that work best with a bucks night event. There are two streams really activities you can drink with such as lawn bowls and 10 pin bowling. Or those which you have to blow .00 like Paintball and Go Karting.

Lawn Bowls Bucks Day

Lawn Bowls Package is definitely the best of Bucks Day Activities it’s really a winner not only do you get to drink beer while playing, it’s usually a beautiful summers day and we also send along some of our beautiful waitresses!

Wild Activity Bucks Adventure

We have another bucks day activity package known as the “Wild Activity Bucks Adventure“, this is an absolute hoot! It an indoor sports centre with all the usual sports you are familiar with, then add jumping castles and the fact the venue allows our waitresses to get their boobs out. Oh and it also has a bar! Use your imagination combining classic bucks party activities like bubble soccer and cute topless ladies. If you struggle to imagine? Here’s some images from our instagram

High adventure but no booze Bucks Day Activities

Other bucks party activities we host are Paintball, Go Karting and Clay pigeon shooting but as mentioned before you cannot drink before or during. Also we don’t send girls along to these activities, we do however pick you up in a bus, take you on to the activity and on to burgers n babes for these packages.

Booze encouraged Bucks Party Activities

Very Popular maybe because of our cute waitresses? Our other bucks day activities like Lawn bowls where you can drink and also have our girls in attendance are the Golf Package with Cute caddies and the 10 pin bowling combo with bowling beauties. These packages also include the bus service.

There are some amazing Bucks Day Activities that we highly recommend, they are not hosted by Burgers n Babes but our parent company Big Boys Club really nail them.

Bucks Party on a Boat

Sailing the high sea, well the rivers around melbourne with your mates on your own boat with some saucy sailor girls is one of the more leisurely bucks party activities.

Jelly Wrestling!!!

Not a lot needs to be said for this ultra exciting and action packed bucks party activity because it pretty much speaks for itself – JELLY WRESTLING. i think this is a pretty good place to leave this conversation. Feel free to let us know if you want to know more about any of these bucks day activities?

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