Bucks Party Venue & Topless Bar Melbourne

Bucks Party Games

The hilarious and fun interactive bucks party games at Burgers N Babes are a huge hit with guys on their bucks night! 

We’ve sifted through the best bucks party games and come up with a wildly entertaining night that has all the best of bucks party drinking games and even a good old fashioned wet t-shirt contest so you can get the most out of the gorgeous topless babes that make the night so special. Although these are bucks party games, they also go down great for our birthday parties.
It’s a hilarious way to get your VIP, your buck, embarrassed but elated and here’s how it all goes down… 

Getting started

Your beautiful soon to be topless barmaid babes watch with bated breath as your VIP competes in the first round of rowdy bucks party challenges! Test his beer drinking skills as he skulls an ice cold schooner and watch him struggle to pop a balloon before the other bux so he can win the prize of stripping down the beautiful barmaids. 


A classic wet tshirt contest

If he’s on onto the second round of activities it’s time to challenge him with basketball and put him in charge of a hot wet t-shirt contest between two of the cute and sexy topless barmaid babes. It’s a race to the finish as he competes against another buck to show his bra unclipping expertise as he takes off the bras of all the girls! The crowd goes wild! 


Now the night begins

This is where things really get started, as you get to witness the glory of the topless babes – the real benefit of a night out at Burgers N Babes! But we won’t spoil the reveal here, you’ll have to attend one of our incredible Saturday nights out in Melbourne… 

Bucks Party Games with Topless Waitresses at Burgers n Babes

Not satisfied? If you’ve got an event with us and have a funny story or even photos you can embarrass your buck more. 

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