Bucks Party Venue & Topless Bar Melbourne

Bucks Party Ideas

There is a simple formula that is the basis for a decent bucks party: great grub, plenty of booze and who can forget, beautiful women. Complying with that tried and true formula, but adding a twist, there are plenty of ways to throw an infamous bucks party that will be talked about amongst your group for years. Instead of just going for dinner somewhere, bar hopping and then heading to the strip club or having a party at home, enlist some extra help to come up with some ideas to take it to the next level. The team at Burgers ‘n’ Babes will get your inspiration flowing when it comes to planning your best mates bucks night. With a range of ideas and activities that come with burgers, babes and booze, you will be able to find the best fit for your group. From action packed sporting and fun activities like golfing, ten pin bowling, Go Karting, paintballing to having a little bit more fun with either pranking your buck or a steamy VIP package- there are plenty of ideas on offer at Burgers ‘n’ Babes to throw the most infamous bucks party. From planning the menu, to arranging all the transport and the function space- if you are more of a partier than a planner, select the ideas that we have on offer and we will do the rest.

Best Man Duties

There comes a time in almost every best mate’s life where he has to do the ultimate duty: be the best man. Whether you are returning the favour, or your best mate is the first to get married, there quite a few expectations and duties that a best man has to fulfil. One of these is of course is to plan the bucks party, which will is the major duty for any best man, there other most important duty is to deliver a memorable and suitable best man’s speech. Another role is to ensure that not only does your groom have the send-off to married life that he will never forget, but as a best man you are also responsible for ensuring that the groom makes it to the wedding on time, along with not forgetting the rings. To take the pressure off and give you time to write the best mans speech, our team at Burgers ‘n’ Babes can take care of all the bucks night preparations. With the bucks party taken care of, you can set out to write a cracking speech that is not just funny and entertaining, but memorable for the whole wedding. One thing you need to make sure that your speech is memorable for the right reasons, so here is some tips to get you started. As much as you might have some great stories of the groom, remember that it needs to be appropriate for all ears in the room- and yes that includes the bride’s great-Grandma. Ensure your speech brings up some entertaining moments, but do not forget the serious ones as well. Making space for a few laughs at the beginning will help you relax as well as the get the crowd engaged but remember to tie it together nicely. Keep it between two-four minutes- nobody likes when a speech goes on too long! At the end of the day though, finding balance is key but also remember that is not just about your mate- it is about the love between the bride and groom.

Planning The Bucks Party

With the honour of being bestowed the best man, there is a great responsibility and the one thing that will measure your success as the best man will be based on one of the most important duties: how good the bucks party is. The last thing you want to do is let the groom down, so if you have no idea where to start when it comes to planning a bucks party, then enlist the help of Burgers ‘n’ Babes. We understand just how big a job the bucks party can be. You may have a solid group of mates, but since this is a wedding, you may also have the bride’s father or brothers tagging along, so it is important you plan a night that is suitable for everybody. Once you contact us, we will be able to take you through our packages, that all come with the quintessential burgers, babes and of course, booze. Nobody will know the groom quite like the best man, so by selecting one of our combo deals or a VIP Nights, we will be able to do all the nitty gritty work- so you and the rest of the bucks can just turn up and give your groom a send off that will be talked about for years.