Rocking Bucks Nights

Every Saturday Night since January 2015 when the Big Boys Club set up Burgers n Babes we have been witness to some of the most Rocking Bucks Nights imaginable.

Bucks Nights are the bulk of the patrons that attend this wild theatre restaurant. Bucks groups come from all over Melbourne, Victoria and even all around Australia to perhaps taste our burgers but more likely to meet our beautiful barmaids. There is lots of great options for Bucks Party Accommodation in Melbourne for these groups. This night modeled on the successful dinner and Show Schnitzel n Tits, Burgers n Babes is a Bucks Party paradise.

Look at the Joy on the faces of these bucks groups. They are having a ball, well except one… he may have had too much to drink?

These guys are even Partying with their mates Prosthetic limb?! WTF?!!!

Grown men waiting with baited breath as to where the MC is going with this? Is it a Joke, a drinking game or is he introducing the next performer? The MC may even be asking their Buck some edgy questions about his upcoming wedding?!

The joy brought to the faces of these guys as their mate wins one of our little games. He probably just blew up a balloon, undone a waitresses bra with his left hand and skulled a beer before the other bachelors on stage!

We are not too sure what these guys are cheering about? I don’t think it was Collingwoods performance in the 2019 AFL semi final. Looks to be more like their best mate who they are celebrating his bucks night has won a lap dance at the Mens Gallery!!!

Some of these bucks groups have taken part in a activity combos earlier in the day. Managed by our parent company Big Boys Club some of the Activity options we have are… Lawn bowls, Paintball, go karts and Golf.

Quite often referred to as one of the greatest bucks nights ever it hard for us as managers of Burgers n Babes not to have that warm fuzzy feeling.

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