Birthday party ideas for Men

Birthday party ideas for Men to suit all occasions. – whether we are looking at 30ths, 40ths, 50th or even 21st Birthdays your male friends are going to love a night out at Burgers n Babes. For serious Boys Nights and Bucks Parties we recommend Big Boys Club and for Mixed Events or Girls Birthday Parties we recommend Schnitzel n Tits.

But for the best in mens birthday party ideas you can’t go past Burgers n Babes.

Burgers n Babes is set up especially for Male Groups and entertainment to suit. We have an MC that hosts the night and keeps it moving along. There is an opportunity to let us know beforehand about your mates 30th, 40th or 50th Birthday to we can make a special effort. It really doesn’t matter what the celebration is? We really love getting the VIP up on stage and with a little forethought the MC can wind him up just right.

We also have beautiful topless waitresses that will also make a fuss and facilitate all your Birthday party ideas for Men. They know how to make this event perfectly suited to your group. They’ll go back and forth from the bar to bring you drinks. These topless waitresses also get up on stage and play games with all the VIPs whether they are Birthday Parties or Bucks Parties.

The event can also suit what else is going on at the time such as put the big game on the TVs (were always showing the football or the cricket) or have a visit from Mr Big if he’s available. We also have Guest DJs and MCs. All of these things can add to the experience and you can run some of your mens birthday party ideas by them. They love to get involved.

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