Work Christmas Party Ideas

Staff Christmas Party, Year End Celebration and Tradie break up ideas.

Burgers n Babes has great Work Christmas Party Ideas, as we get toward the end of the year it becomes time to celebrate and let off some steam. If its Tradie break up parties you’re looking for? What we like to call “Tools Down Tits Out” or a Staff Xmas party for friends around the office we have just the thing to to let loose with your work colleagues before Christmas.

Work Christmas Party Ideas and End of Year Celebrations

Off the back of Schnitzel n Tits – which really does the best end of year party we have extended the celebrations to the Saturday to host a massive staff christmas party for all. Being on a Saturday evening would ensure more of the boys can attend. If you are looking for more of a private event? Then Big Boys Club may be a better option because this end of year party and Tradie break up is wild with all the other groups in the room really involved in bringing the vibe.

As far as staff christmas party Ideas go this has everything! Melbourne’s best topless waitresses and Strip tease type performers that will set the night on fire! We have an MC and a DJ to keep the night on track who help facilitate games and activities that you and your mates can get involved in. We can set up a bar tab so the boss (if he’s paying) can put it on the company card and treat the boys to a great night out.

Work Christmas Party Ideas don’t get better than this, suggest it to the boss so he can book the boys in for a night out this season. It time for tools down and tits out for an end of year party that you will never forget. Give us a call or fill out a form and we can help you with the rest.

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