Strippers, Strip Shows and Performers

Every Saturday Night we include Strippers, Strip Shows and Performers as part of the entertainment. These amazing showstoppers are some of the best Melbourne has to offer, tried and tested by the Big Boys Club bucks party packages. These performers can also pop by the world famous Schnitzel n Tits were they are served up right after a delicious chicken schnitzel

Warning: Strip Shows may contain beer.

Our performers will roam around the room looking for the bucks and other VIP’s to either call on to stage to make a mess. They may even straddle the bachelor right there at the table and belittle him in front of the entire bucks party group. There is a chance you may get splashed with water or beer.

Watch out tho, these strippers have a tendency to like the buck on fire!

These entertainers have a whole bunch of tricks to pull out for you bucks party and your buck is just the right guy for this kind of treatment. I hope he’s not scared of water, soap suds, shaving cream, whipped cream, beer, beers, candle wax, wedgies, fire and a shit load of other crazy ideas?!!!

Professional strippers in the art of strip tease, continually lifting the bar week by week, hour by hour, minute by minute. You can tell these girls love their work big grins on their faces while they get their kicks from engaging with all the crazy bucks groups in the room. Their speciality is entertaining bucks parties with strip shows and entertainment is what they bring. You should see these bucks groups up out of their seats enjoying the show.

So When the Performers come around make sure you remove all glassware from the table. Because you know she’s going to climb right up on it!

Unlike Schnitzel n Tits these Strip Shows are included in the ticket price! Also don’t forget as well as these performers we have our world famous Barmaids.

If you were after a more private or more racy strippers check out our parent company the Big Boys Club.

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